Other People Named Simon Bolivar Buckner

Many people name children for prominent people. There are, for example, oodles of "George Washington Whoevers" running around the United States.

"Simon Bolivar" was--and is--an important historical figure. My great-great grandparents, obviously, named a son for the famous South American. Other people of their generation--even other people named Buckner--made the same decision. Accordingly, many people are related to Simon Bolivar Buckners other than "my" Simon Bolivar Buckners.

For example, Tom Wilbur of Okemos (next to East Lansing), Michigan wrote to tell me that he has "studied the Bomar families of early Hardin (later Hart-Larue) County for some ten years." He reports that:

Mary Bomar married Henry Watson Buckner.  Her youngest child, born 1839, was named Simon Bolivar Buckner.  He served the North in the War (enlisted at Morgan County, Illinois, and served in A-101, Illinois Infantry, 1862-65).  He did not marry and has no known descendants.  There is a War pension file for him at the National Archives (which I have read).

Mary (Bomar) Buckner had another son named Joel Mann Buckner.  He named one of his sons, born 1860, Simon B. Buckner (but he died young).  I suspect his middle name was "Bolivar."

Joel Mann Buckner had another son named John Henry Buckner.  He named a son Simon J. Buckner (1888-1948).  I don't know if he married or had children.

Mary (Bomar) Buckner had another son named James Murphy Buckner.  He named a son, born 1875, Simon B. Buckner.  Did the "B." stand for Bolivar? Don't know.  He married and had at least two children.

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