The Buckner Mint Julep Ceremony

I get sufficient inquiries about family matters, that I try to verify facts and post answers to common questions on these pages. On one occasion, I told my father that I had published the family mint julep recipe in this space. I had dug up some facts that he had not remembered, which--perhaps--prompted him to go through family papers to get additional details.

In any event, he soon wrote an extended account of the event for "The Assembly", the publication of the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point. His version being both more complete and more historically valuable than my own, I have made his article the nucleus of this site.

By way of background, the "Supe" or Superintendent of the military academy is roughly the equivalent of the college president. The "Com" or Commandant of Cadets (Dean of Students) occupies the house next door.

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